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I'm mixed on the safety thing. I think in many ways people learning with a DAO is the best choice, because the must learn that you never put your finger on the trigger unless you want it to go bang. A number of people in here have recommended revolvers, which are double action and don't have safeties -- but, granted the trigger pull on revolvers is typically quite a bit higher than on Glocks.

A lot depends on how much you are going to practice and train for your eventual use of a gun in self defense. There have been far too many cases of people pulling on the trigger in vain, not knowing why the gun didn't go bang, and it was because with the adrenaline pumping in that critical moment, they didn't take the safety off. Because they didn't train enough, to have that safety come off after the gun cleared the holster and rotated forward. Using a gun with a safety, especially the 1911 platform, requires a lot more practice to ensure that when your life depends on it you will be able to defend yourself.

While I love shooting 1911's on the range, I have standardized on DAO's for self defense guns.

yep I hear you. All I know is I cc my H&K, OC my p220 and if someone breaks in my house I am grabbing the 870.
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