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Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
Absolutely. It's a better shoot than a .40. that's why I have one. The problem with the .45 from home defense perspective is it will most likely go through drywall and hit someone in another room you didn't intend to hit. A .40 is less likely to do that. Also there is a saftey issue with the 1911 in that if you want to keep a round chambered you'll have to either keep it cocked with the thumb saftey or de-cock it by pulling the trigger with the thumb on the hammer. Which I don't think is a comfortable situation.
Using any quality, modern handgun ammunition, ALL of the duty calibers (9mm, .40, .45) will go through multiple layers of dry wall. There is little if any difference in the penetration of .45 vs. 9mm.

Ironically, while the anti-gun people demonize AR15's, the fact is that most 5.56/.223 bullets will penetrate FAR fewer walls than any handgun, which is actually why a lot of SWAT type agencies have gone to AR15's chambered in 9mm, because it will penetrate walls and still penetrate the bad guy.

Unfortunately, there is no good solution to penetration of walls in the house (or leaving the house) with handguns, short of hitting the bad guy you are defending yourself with.
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