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Col. Nathan R. Jessep: Walk softly and carry an armored tank division, I always say.

Personally I think that a 3.5" 12 ga with 0 or 00 will stop anyone whether their on the other side of the door or inside. Just DO be sure of your target. The Benelli line has recoil reduction models.

The Glock is an excellent platform, easy to use and clean, simple and reliable. My Glock 21 is equipped with a flashlight/laser pointer, I highly recommend that option; see what you're shooting at and the flash strobe is very effective in blinding a human to give you time to locate and fire accurately. Thirteen rounds in a magazine and multiple magazines which are easy to load into the firearm. Hollow point rounds will expand greatly and provide an extreme shock to vital organs. The .45 ACP is a seriously loud round...any bad guys are going to know that this isn't a wimpy round coming their way.

I highly recommend that you become a skilled shooter and well aware of your weapon and your capabilities before you think about conceal carry.
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