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go with the 9mm or .40

9mm is way cheaper ammo, .40 is more powerful and becoming more common as most police forces are switching to this.

$600 Range Go with a Glock........ they aren't pretty........ but they work and rarely have jamming problems.

$800 Range Go with a Sig

$400 Range Go with a Ruger (basically a glock copy) I have them, never had a problem. And right now you can get a 9 mm (or .380) AND a .22 for $600

Stay away from kel-tec, and taurus

If you like going to the range a lot......... get a .22 to have (range only not for defense) as the ammo is CHEAP..........$15/550 Where 9mm will be about $12/50 and .40 $16/50
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