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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
By the way, it should be said -- if you had said home defense was your primary purpose, there is nothing better than a pump action 12 gauge shotgun. You would win most encounters with this weapon.
Dutch, Jay3, and lonestar, thank you for the info! I didn't do a real good job on saying just what I want the guns for. Your answers are helping me split up the different needs of home defense, self-defense, target range, and zombie plinking. ;-)

I looked at shotguns last night, too. The one that caught my eye, thinking of home defense, was a Russian semi-auto 12-gauge, with clips for 5 or 12 shells (Saiga IZ-109). It looks like that could offer up a real "fear of God" moment.

I'm leaning toward going thru the process to get the concealed carry permit, based on what you guys said about the convenience for transport. Would it be fair to think of it like the motorcycle endorSeimiant on my license? I can use it, but I don't necessarily have to use it every day.

For handguns, from what I saw yesterday, I think the 45 would be too big for me. I liked the 22 semi-auto pistol, and I was comfortable with the 357 magnum. I went through two drums with it, once with 38s and once with 357s, and I got a kick out of the "Old West" feel of thumbing the hammer back for each round. I didn't have to, I know, but it felt right. I'd like to get a feel for 9mm and 10mm before deciding between them.

I have a couple close friends who were in Desert Storm, too, and I'll be talking with them about it too. Both of them have concealed carry permits, and they know their stuff.

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