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Beyond Citizens United: Politics Is an Industry, Not Just A CampaignPosted by Danny Schechter on June 5, 2012
In theory, American elections traditionally get going after Labor Day, but, as we can see by the daily overkill media “coverage,” polls and constant reporting about who has raised what—to the degree that anyone really knows in the age of SuperPacs—that the political horses for the 2012 are off and running.

Lots of the “analysis” seems absurd on its face even as everyone who follows politics knows it’s much too early to spot key trends. The race will tighten with what happens in October crucial. Example: the recent survey that found—voila—“cell phone users prefer Obama; landline users like Romney.” All of this reflects the obsession the press and its senior wise men have on reporting domestic politics over all other issues. They are like sports fanatics in this respect.

The candidates have been in motion for years. It‘s known as the “permanent campaign,” an idea attributed to one of Jimmy Carters’s advisers, Pat Cadell, who said in 1979 that just because you have been elected doesn’t mean you stop campaigning.

He wrote in his Initial Working Paper on Political Strategy, “it is my thesis governing with public approval requires a continuing political campaign.”

Journalist Sidney Blumental, before he joined the Clinton White House, wrote The Permanent Campaign in 1980, revealing that political parties were dead and had been replaced by political consultants and other campaign professionals. (Disclosure: I helped get the book published by Beacon Press.)
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