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For everyday carry, I go with a compact stainless II by Kimber. It's a each their own, but I've always been partial to a big heavy round! And carrying in condition one doesn't make me squeamish like it may make others.

For plinking, even 9mm is getting expensive. My advice would be to get one of the .22 conversion kits for a 1911, or one of the bigger .22 autos that mimic their full size counterparts like the m&p or the mosquito by sig. I reload, so my cost is much much lower but I don't save money because I shoot at least twice as much! Haha

I like 12 gauge for home defense..I use the mossberg 500 special purpose. No matter what, it will go boom when you need it to. We also have a couple ARs around the house for defense.

If and when you do get one. Get some good instruction, and shoot as much as you possibly can..
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