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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
By the way, it should be said -- if you had said home defense was your primary purpose, there is nothing better than a pump action 12 gauge shotgun. You would win most encounters with this weapon.

However, since you said "hobby" and "concealed carry" and all that, 357 revolver is the best choice.
I've carried revolvers and semi-autos both. I've come to prefer the semi-autos. I like the round count and while I realize revolvers essentially can't jam I've never had an issue with my semi-autos. My Glock 34 has had over 10k rounds put through it by me personally and I bought it from a friend who put at least that many through it. Not 1 reliability issue. Obviously you don't carry a G34 due to its size, but that's the best reliability example I have. I currently carry a S&W SD40 and have only put like 1500 rounds through it but its the same story. Not one issue. I do clean them regularly and change springs from time to time. Just like everything else in life it comes down to preference. I use different carry guns depending on the weather and what I'm I'm not 100% partial to anything in particular.
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