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Rubin Carter

Originally Posted by Broncos4tw View Post
M16? Ugh. I hated that rifle. Fire one round, and you are cleaning it for an hour. Get one speck of sand in it, and it jams. The M16A1 was a bit better, but still pretty crappy. It's why I preferred to be the M60 gunner.. just so I would have a solid weapon to fire. The M60 I could drop in a swamp and it would fire just fine. Only issue I ever had was bent firing pins.. so kept spares.

The AK was vastly superior.. loved it. Although, a bit inaccurate in comparison to the M16. Can't have it all though.

For a pistol, can't go wrong with a Glock. Also liked Walther - you can use it and tell people "I'm Bond. James Bond."
You're just an old 'Nam fart. The new M16 A4 is a badassed killer, Bro'. Lightweight, fast, adjustable to any body frame...and no more jamming issues. Ak's rock for reliability and punch, but they never...ever touched the 16's for accuracy and now they don't for reliability either, plus we can hump twice the ammo.
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