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MJ's first single, 'Got To Be There.' Heard it somewhere and was blown away by the strength of his voice, he REALLY belts out these lines. Couldn't think of other such belter-songs by MJ, no other Soul numbers either, so I checked his discography to see. I was pretty shocked ... for an artist with "all-time greatest" juice, MJ's output was sporadic, even sparse. Of course there were singles with other artists, but all-original output: Jackson released just 10 original-material albums in his 37 year solo career, three of them in the first 16 months (Got to Be There, Ben and Music & Me), none of which even went Gold.

That's a lot less than other "greatests" Metallica (9 albums in 28 years), and certainly the Eagles, whose 6 in 9 years seems pretty decent in hindsight.

Listen though, that is one hot vocal track. It's doubled (maybe tripled), still .. it's one hot vocal.
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