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Originally Posted by drail 24 48 View Post
Anyone mind PM or putting in spoiler text what they messed up with Snow/Half-Hand. Also any quick text of what was skipped in the House of the Undying. Just curious and get so easily spoiled going to GOT wiki pages. When I finally get time I will most sure read these books.

In the books, the halfhand *orders* Jon Snow to kill him to set up some good old fashioned double agent goodness. There's a very nicely written battle where we see Jon's internal struggle to follow the order (he's being asked to kill a hero of the Night's Watch in order to get in with the wildlings), and we learn that the half-hand basically puts up a good show but could easily have bested Jon. Jon only "wins" after he gets an assist from his wolf.

In the series they just kind had him piss of Jon and he rather unceremoniously offs the half hand.

Also, I'm sad they never showed his namesake (having half his hand chopped off), but I suppose they spent their budget pretty well on the more important parts.

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