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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
^ that. One of two of my biggest concern with the changes.

Meera and Jojen really DON'T do **** if you think about it

Tyrion's nose doesn't matter at all.

The chain was too expensive.

But making Jon look like a bumbling idiot chasing after Ygritte and getting all the rangers killed is as stupid as skipping everything important at the house of the undying
I didn't read books but the whole time watching i was like this Snow guy pissing me off. How do you get lost that fast? How could you be that stupid? etc etc. Glad that was just a mess up by the script writing.

Then also making us wait soo long to get to the warlocks house of undying, just seemed like a joke when they take 10 minutes to resolve the whole situation and we don't see much or understand what that place was.
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