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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
Whoa, not only another Simmons fan, but a fan of The Terror. That's one of my favorites. He's been pretty hit or miss for years, but that one was hard to put down.
I agree... I absolutely love the Hyperion Cantos, and Ilium started off great, but by the time it ended I was pretty sure I had no desire whatsoever to read Olympos. Sad thing is that I bought Olympos... heh.

I've been thinking of picking of Carrion Comfort for a while, is it worth the read? I've never really been into horror but I love sci-fi.

Speaking of sci-fi - a great Hugo award winner I read last year was Robert Charles Wilson's 'SPIN'... Awesome concept for sci-fi and it really felt like something that could actually happen. There's a couple sequels out - 'Axis' and something else, which I haven't read, but the first book was definitely worth it.
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