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I'm a little annoyed at the changes made to the sacking of Winterfell. They change the character dynamic and are probably a bit confusing to the viewers who don't understand *why* Winterfell was sacked and by whom.

In the books:


Theon conspires with Ramsay "the bastard of Bolton" Snow who is the bastard son of Lord Bolton, one of the Stark's bannermen. Ramsay's forces are the bulk of the northern force besieging Winterfell. They turn on the rest of the force Robb sent to retake Winterfell, and when they are done Theon lets open the gates of Winterfell to let them in, and Ramsay promptly turns on Theon, sacking the city in the process.

Ramsay is basically a psychopath that makes the rest of his psychopathic family look downright sane (the house banner is a "flayed man" because of the family's fondness for flaying their enemies alive).


The way it's done in the series, it's really unclear what happens. I'm surprised they left it so ambiguous.

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