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Thanks McDaniels for my season tix

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Originally Posted by broncocalijohn View Post
Why wouldnt you just have your season seats scoot over 1 to be on the aisle? Is that one aisle seat a season ticket holder seat?

BTW, in 1994 I put myself on the list thinking it would be 15 years to get them. I got a call 9 months later and didnt want to pass up the opportunity. South Stands waaaay up there but have upgraded twice to middle of South Stands and around 12th row.
No idea, but the seat isn't available when I have the chance to upgrade.

Wouldn't want it anyway. I sat in it for about 15 minutes during one game last year and being directly on the aisle is definitely worse than being one seat away when people are going up and down. Besides, I get to put my stuff there.
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