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Thanks McDaniels for my season tix

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Went on the list in 2006. Got tickets last year. Section 505 Row 15 one seat from the aisle (that is often empty). Couldn't do any better this year.

One thing about the aisle that you want to be careful of. We are on the 20 yard line in the south end. When the LOS is on the other side of the field you have to look to your left and across the aisle to see the game. Farktards in the upper deck don't often realize that you should wait for breaks in the game before going up and down the stairs. Therefore, I am often looking at some fat lady's arse instead of the game on the field because I have to look across the aisle.

I wanted to get out of that situation this year, but nothing better opened up. I scored row 15 in my first year thanks to Kyle Orton and cannot upgrade thanks to Peyton Manning. I won't complain.
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