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The Defense

Originally Posted by Blueflame View Post
No, it's not different from what I said earlier; it's perhaps a bit different from the way you tried to spin what I said earlier though.

How many times did we see the WRs criticized on this forum during the timeframe while Tebow was our starter? (almost every week someone was saying the WRs sucked) The fact is... when the OC only calls 8 pass plays a game, there's not much opportunity for any WR to excel. And a WR who doesn't "stand out" in any way is not going to remain on the team... or even in the NFL... for long.

But don't just take my word for it... I distinctly recall seeing Jerry Rice on ESPN or the NFL network (around the time when the move was made from Orton to Tebow) stating unequivocally that he personally would find it "frustrating" to play on a team with Tim Tebow as his QB. I'm assuming you'll agree that Jerry Rice has some idea of what a WR mindset might be. Maybe Jerry's "just a hater" though.

No, you clearly stated two completely different things. I didn't have to add any spin. Also, Jerry Rice? So you want to put people like Lloyd, Decker, DT Royal, Willis etc in the same sentence? I'll give you two names of WR who were not all about their stats, Rod Smith, Edie Mac. Now granted, these guys didn't have the current Tebow throwing to them, but Rod Smith esp, was a WR who didn't care about stats, but just wanted to do what he was asked to do to keep a spot on the roster. (His words btw)

You see Blue, there are players out there who just really love the game for what it is. There are more of these types of guys than there are your Jerry Rice, T. Owens, Randy Moss, etc.

But anyway, this is a stupid discussion now. So I'm just going to leave it at that. It's nothing more than a back and forth with no ending.
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