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Originally Posted by v2micca View Post
Felt this thread could use a bump in light of this past week's incredible episode, Blackwater.

As a fan of the novels, I had been looking forward to this episode all season long. Praying that HBO would give them the needed budget to realize it and that they could stick the landing on the adaptation front. I have to say, I was not disappointed. It looks like they may have spent 1/3 of their season 2 budget on this episode alone.

Spoiler text follows:

I loved the pacing of this episode. The cuts from the frenetic action to the quiet moments were perfectly realized. Never causing you to loose momentum from the battle and allowing us to stay connected with the characters themselves. Its seems every actor and actress was bringing their A game tonight. Watching Cersei unravel in front of her ladies in waiting was a joy. Sandor Clegane in quite possibly the greatest job resignation speech of all time. Every ****ing scene with Bronn in it. Tyrion volunteering to lead the attack and not quite believing it himself.

As for the stuff, I didn't like, and these are mostly nitpicks. No chain. I know they had to scale down the battle from the books. And I know that rendering dozens of burning ships smashing themselves against the chain as they tried to escape a burning harbor probably just wasn't in the budget. So, I'm guessing in the series, Bronn's knight sigil of a burning chain will be replaced with a flaming arrow instead. I'm sorry we had to loose it, but I understand. Also, Tyrion still has his nose. I know that for the sanity of the actor and the make-up department, they were going to minimize his facial scaring. But, the scene in which Tyrion shouold have lost his nose just felt like the one mis-step in this otherwise superlative episode. It should have been a gory, ugly wound. Instead it ended up looking like a scene out of a JRPG cutscene where a main character receives strategically placed scars that magically avoid doing anything that would actually detract from his looks.

Like I said, small quibbles only. The final scene with the arrival of Tywin and Loras nailed the closing moments and running the credits to the tune of Rains of Castamere was flat out chilling. Perfect touch.

Interested to hear others thoughts.
I agree with your whole post. Thought it was a great compromise. My wife actually commented on Tyrion's scars saying she preferred the way the handled it on the show.... Guess they got the woman's perspective right on that one.
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