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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
The White Sox success confounds me right now. I honestly don't think they will really make a strong push for the playoffs, unless their pitching "stablizes" and they get consistency from throughout their lineup.
Just a glance, but there looks to be ZERO depth for the Sox, exactly one guy on the bench hitting .200 or better and ironically its right at .200.

Then again, that whole division is a big crapshoot.
Your right about their depth but with the way Konerko, AJ, Dunn, are hitting it doesn't matter yet, it is funny Kenny Williams was complaining about attendance before the latest win streak and made what I consider to be a threat about the trade deadline but if they are in the thick of it by then I bet they pick up a bat or 2 to help out.

I think their pitching is very good, again depth is an issue but Reed has been a good closer, they have a good solid 3 man deep roation, still could use a 4th and 5th guy to depend on but they are clicking right now.

It seems dumping Ozzie was a smart move, a lot of guys like Rios and Dunn who were struggling under Ozzie are having good to great years.
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