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Trevor Penrose

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Yeah I think he was pretty blatant..I don't think a single person I know trusted him. I really wanted to believe the Gene Krantz guy could be a teammate, but it just felt too good to be true.

I wanted to prove to Conklin that I could be trusted after taking the bait last time the game was on hook line and sinker so I did what he told me to in order to prove that I could be trusted.

I did try reaching out to a bunch of people after Conklin went down and I meant what I said to those I reached out after round 2ish I believe whatever round GHWK went out on, after that. I think GHWK was payback for Conklin going down.

I thought we could take out the big guns and then resort out the alliances and one of my guys could make it in to the top.

Actually I did everything I told JCM I would do for the exact amount of time I told him so I didn't turn on anyone other than GHWK in the whole game. I even helped Apa out a round or 2 per an agreement.

I thought I was very loyal to the guys who weren't trying to play me early or set me up as newbie fodder. Had a couple guys not panicked so early, and Houghton and a few others trusted me, it could have been a way different game. As it was I think I tried working with both winners. To be honest I didn't care about winning, I wanted to help someone win and prove I could be useful and maybe win one a couple years down the line.

It was very fun and a learning experience.

Anyone who teams up with me next time will get a loyal helper till mad scramble at the end.
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