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Tebow was sacked 33 times in only 271 drop backs and fumbled 13 times.
and 6 INTs and 6 lost fumbles and 46 completion %

Tebow is only going to succeed if he can throw th ball. Doug Peterson was on the other day you know the Philly QB coach. They want Micheal Vick to be more of a drop back passer and not always try to do something with his legs if the play breaks down. 14 INTS and 4 Lost fumbles in 473 attempts. Way too many turnovers from the QB position. Philly had surprise interest in Manning.

I could see the same thing with Tebow. He will not succeed unless he can throw the football, avoid fumbles and INTs. His legs will not be a major factor in his success. His arm will

I'm not sure why Denver is taking so much heat. They want a drop back passer and believe after working with Tebow for a year and rearranging the offense they want to move on.

Imagine the actual practices if Tebow is launching screen passes 5 yards over the TEs head. That effects the whole teams preparation for the week.

This is not NFL Europe where you can devote 3 months to work with the kid.

I think they were moving on from Tebow with or without Manning watching and visiting every QB available t be drafted last year

Good to see Urban Meyer following Tebow around like a little puppy. Doesn't he have a program on probation to deal with not be at the JETS camp

I can separate Tebow the QB from Tebow the man. I think Elway and alot ton of other NFL teams can as well. The general public can't thats why the lead story on Sportcenter Thurdays for 15 minutes was the typical Tebow discussions following a JETS OTA. What a circus

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