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Not claiming that I have a thing right but I am asking for someone who is knowledgeable to respond to help me understand. I would prefer someone other than MacGruder and BroncoBeavis as based on what they have posted I feel their opinions are slanted a bit.

My understanding is that the zone read is similar in a lot of ways to the spread option.
The zone read is only one play. The Broncos were never able to to a complete install of a whole offense. They installed a few plays, added them to their other plays.

The Broncos ran many, many plays out of their regular playbook, including running plays out of pro-set (mostly for minimal yardage) and passing plays from a traditional drop back (or shotgun, just same routes).

There were never able to build an offense around the strengths -- series of plays designed to look the same, and do something different.

None of it really matters, except to say that the passing plays were the same plays for the most part.
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