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Or possibly an indicator that the o-line was set up more for a passing offense under Orton and more for an option offense under Tebow which lends support to the idea that the offenses Tebow and Orton ran were different.
No.. because when they were running pass plays the opposing D could get to the QB at will.. under Tebow or Orton. Orton would throw the ball away or checkdown.. Tebow wouldn't settle and took the hit but it was also why he put more pressure on Ds and made them respect the deep ball opening the run game.

Also, I could be wrong, but don't QBs in option offenses take more hits and more sacks because of the nature of option offenses.
They do but we are talking about pass plays here and pass protection. Tebow's running ability prevented opposing Ds from attacking because they wanted to try to make Tebow stay in the pocket.. but again he had no receivers so this was also why that was beneficial.
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