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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
There was no zone read in the chargers game.. yeah it took Tebow time to get going but he got in a great rhythm with Lloyd.

The reason Tebow and Orton struggled in Fox's O was because it was so predictable and slow paced. ANYONE would struggle in that O without great runners in the offense.

The Oline was terrible without Tebow running too. That is the real reason "Tebow was screwed" as Fox said. This is why I think Peyton was a moron to go to Denver. he's going to get KILLED behind that line.

Fox honestly didn't want the offense to be successful though.. having no offense helped his D tremendously.. when Tebow scored quickly the Broncos D completely collapsed.

This is also why Cam is so overrated in Carolina.. the offense in Carolina looked so bad for the same reason.
So running an offense suited to the strengths of your QB is wanting your offense to fail. I fail to understand your point.

In that first Chargers game, Tebow only attempted three passes to Lloyd. Two were incomplete and was like a 20 yarder as time was expiring.
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