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There was no zone read in the chargers game.. yeah it took Tebow time to get going but he got in a great rhythm with Lloyd.

The reason Tebow and Orton struggled in Fox's O was because it was so predictable and slow paced. ANYONE would struggle in that O without great runners in the offense.

The Oline was terrible without Tebow running too. That is the real reason "Tebow was screwed" as Fox said. This is why I think Peyton was a moron to go to Denver. he's going to get KILLED behind that line.

Fox honestly didn't want the offense to be successful though.. having no offense helped his D tremendously.. when Tebow scored quickly the Broncos D completely collapsed.

This is also why Cam is so overrated in Carolina.. the offense in Carolina looked so bad for the same reason.

Orton was only sacked 9 times in 5 games with the same Oline and same HC. You are just flaming the boards with poo and stds.
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