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Well this will be my last post on this sabotage issue.

Elway and Fox hold two of only 64 positions available in the world. Do you really think they would conspire to discredit a player that gave them everything he had and won a playoff game when no one thought we had a chance of even making the playoffs? I submit they have better things to do than worry what Tebow might do after he left the organization . It's silly really.
Peyton Manning: "I came here because I saw how competitive Elway was even as an executive"

I think you are naive Baja if you think Elway and Fox wouldn't screw Tebow over to save their self.

Though one thing you are forgetting is that they rationalize all this stuff. They don't blame their self for not being able to adapt to Tebow.

They may have convinced their self that they are just "telling the truth".. being "brutally honest"... but that's not the reality.

Even before they got Peyton they wanted to replace Tebow. The only thing Elway would say positive about Tebow is that he "gave them a spark"
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