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Originally Posted by MacGruder View Post
How can you say that Baja? Elway or someone in the Bronco brass has been trashing Tebow in the media the whole time. It even increased when Tebow left.

One of the worst hit pieces on Tebow was early last seaosn by a journalist who was known to have heavy ties to Elway - Silver.

There was a thread on here recently where someone in the Bronco brass called Tebow dumb. It's clear what they are doing. I don't know how everyone can't see it.
Well this will be my last post on this sabotage issue.

Elway and Fox hold two of only 64 positions available in the world. Do you really think they would conspire to discredit a player that gave them everything he had and won a playoff game when no one thought we had a chance of even making the playoffs? I submit they have better things to do than worry what Tebow might do after he left the organization . It's silly really.
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