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If the patriots were that big on him, why would they let him go to a rival division team for peanuts?
Because the Pats didn't have the option to get him. That is what I am saying. This is why Elway would not give Tebow that option and why Tebow might say he didn't have the option. The only reason I could see the Pats not wanting Tebow is because they already have a lot of weird weapons such as Welker, Gronk and Hernandez. There may not be enoguh room in their offense for Tebow's unique skkillset.

But I could surely see why Elway wouldn't want Tebow on the Pats.. if the Brocnos did end up facing them Tebow could easily be the difference maker especially with Belichick using him.

If Elway wanted him to fail, why did the coaching staff turn away from the Detroit games playbook? Common sense would tell you to keep that same playbook if they wanted him to fail.
They did the absolute MINIMUM they could to integrate Tebow. And they did it after they had humiliated him.

Urban Meyer has said publicly that they were very uncreative in how they used Tebow. I don't see how anyone coulld not see that.

Why did they even need to change the Brocnos offense coming into the season in the first place? Tebow was successful at the end of last season in it and it was built for him. Both orton and Tebow looked terrible in it.

Elway knew when he hired Fox what it woulsd do to Tebow or any QB. The only thing that might save Peyton is that Fox could let Peyton be his own offensive coordinator essentially.
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