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Now that some time has passed I am thinking E&F decided to do right by Tebow. They knew that he was never going to be in our long range plans so they gave the kid the chance to pursue his career as a starting NFL qb. They even accommodated him going to the Jets for a lesser deal than the Jags offered. E&F want a pocket passer and doubted Tebow was ever going to be that QBOTF. Drafting Osweller in the second with a win now plan A clearly shows that direction.
That's what I think, too.

I think all this "Oh noes, we can't handle the circus!" talk is overblown. I think they could have handled it just fine, and so could Tebow. If this team is going to win a Super Bowl, Tebow could have helped. Could have been that special touch in a couple of years that got them over the top.

But I think they knew the timing wasn't right in Tebow's career, because of the 2 years flushed down the toilet in developing him. They would rather draft a new guy, one more to their liking, and let him chill out 3 or 4 years waiting to start.
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