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If that were true he would have shipped his ass to Jacksonville.
But by Elway saying he gave Tebow the choice he looks like the good guy instead of what he really is.

Elway already did enough damage by screwing Tebow all last season and trashing him in the media the whole time.

Tebow may have actually had a better chance to start in Jaxs as well. He is clearly better than any QB they have there. The difference in NY is the coaches and GM were more pro Tebow. Also the fans in Jax would have been more pro Tebow which would help him start.

We also don't know where else Tebow had the opportunity to go. I think this may have been what Tebow alluded to when he said the Broncos ultimately had all the power.

And really.. we don't even know if Elway gave Tebow the option. Tebow has not said he did. If Tebow says Elwya is lying and he doesn't want to be in New York then where does that leave him?
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