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This is how it mostly appeared on the surface in Denver, too. But behind the scenes there was clearly some resentment. Lots of egos to deal with and when the reporters run to Tebow after every game, and the national media focuses on him with almost every story, it starts rubbing people the wrong way. It's human nature. And in my opinion it's a distraction you don't need. And you particularly don't need it with a player you don't believe in, which appears to be the case with Elway, Fox, and probably other coaches and players as well.
I think the resentment in Denver came from the fact Tebow was getting credit for carrying the whole team... people like Skip Bayless would say how awful the team around him was... I belive the reason this made the guys around Tebow so upset is because it was avtually true. Tebow is on a better team now. He won't have to carry them and he won't get all the credit... so there should be no reason for resentment.
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