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Obscure but powerful. Close your eyes and you'll swear its Medley and Hatfield with Specter at the board. Open them and it's one-hit wonder The Walker Brothers 1966 hit 'The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore' (one hit stateside, several in Britain). XM-Sirius The Blend channel serves up lotsa little 60s drama nuggets like this, e.g. Theme from Valley of the Dolls, Some Velvet Morning, Whiter Shade of Pale, The Look of Love. Righteous channel.

Last time I was in here, I took one on the chin, see. Couppla smart guys tried to rattle me, said U2 was no good, sounded like clanking chains, nails on a chalkboard they said. Their words hit hard, a left and a right. I stumbled out of here, sure sure ... any one of you would do the same. But later ... only later did I see it for what it was. It was all a ruse, see ... little game of 'Tweak the Buff' ... cut his breathless, overwrought U2 love-warblings down to size. Well it won't happen again, see ... I won't be cut down to size. I'm too busy gazing wide-eyed at Bono/Edge as they take their rightful place ... in the Pantheon ... !
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