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Yeah, ok. So you're saying that if the Saints put Brees on the block today because they can't get a deal done, there wouldn't be that much interest because teams have committed to other options? Bull****. He's a ****ing QB, he plays the most important position on the field. If teams thought highly of Tim, they would have been beating down the door to acquire him. This isn't some disgruntled dime-a-dozen position player, it's a QB. As it was, there was virtually no interest in him from around the league. It's nice you have an excuse for it, but no one wanted him and the team that traded for him is already putting him out there in different roles than QB.
The fact that you'd even draw a comparison to Brees is silly. But besides that I guess in your world the Cards were idiots for telling Manning they had to know that day. They should've just thrown away 8 million in cap space or whatever it was and still tried to sign Manning.
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