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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
A good and fair post. I'll only nitpick on the very last part. If someone really wanted Tebow wouldn't they have "outbid" the Jets and Jags? Wouldn't have taken much, right?
You assume this was an open and ongoing bid. It instead seems quite clear that the Broncos called around and jumped on the best first round offer they got.

Given how Jacksonville's owner was pining for Tebow do you really think he couldn't have been talked into more than just a 4th rounder? Trading Tebow was effectively treated like a blind auction where all the bidders knew that the asset would go up for public auction with a much lower asking pricing should no one put forth any kind of blind bid.

Marketed at the right time blind bids can pay off wonderfully. But the right time is not when other teams have already answered many of their QB questions and when it is public knowledge that you aren't keeping the asset no matter what.

And again, from a pure, short term football perspective it's a good argument that the Broncos are better off with Tebow over Hanie as the backup. But it's just more complicated than that because of the Tebow circus, the locker room, the lack of buy in from Elway/Fox/others in the organization, and the desire to develop a pocket passer for the future in Osweiler.
Most of the team still speaks of Tebow in good terms, and I'd bet that many of the handful of detractors would be just fine with Tim Tebow - #2 QB. The "circus" aspect doesn't impact the Broncos ability to win football games and is therefore irrelevant to true Bronco football fans.
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