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Originally Posted by Drek View Post
I'd disagree. I think many view him as someone with potential for greatness, just not a high likelihood of achieving that potential. He's the ultimate boom/bust prospect.

But he's a boom/bust prospect we already paid for and had already found a worthwhile niche that would make the 2012 Broncos a better team. Why sell that for pennies on the dollar if winning really is the top priority?

Also, his pricing on the open market was in no way accurate. The Broncos made it quite clear he was going to get released if no trade was consummated. They had no bargaining power to get the truly best offers from anyone.
A good and fair post. I'll only nitpick on the very last part. If someone really wanted Tebow wouldn't they have "outbid" the Jets and Jags? Wouldn't have taken much, right?

And again, from a pure, short term football perspective it's a good argument that the Broncos are better off with Tebow over Hanie as the backup. But it's just more complicated than that because of the Tebow circus, the locker room, the lack of buy in from Elway/Fox/others in the organization, and the desire to develop a pocket passer for the future in Osweiler.
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