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Originally Posted by Jay3 View Post
Really, you think Peyton Manning couldn't have held down the starting job?

I just disagree with that. I think things would have settled down nicely.

The billboard was put up by a local business wanting attention, but you knew that.

Do you think the fans at the stadium were Tebow fans that will be gone, or isnt' it more likely those were Broncos ticket holders?

Just seems like everybody's transferring a bunch of internet furor to real life -- I just don't see how "the fans" have any ability to make trouble. The real pressure cooker for the last two years was that the team was losing its ass under Kyle Orton.
Oh, I think Manning would have held the job without issue. he's Peyton ****ing Manning.

It's hearing about it every day that we can do without. "NURRRR WHY DON'T YEW PUT IN TIIMMMMMMMM!MM!!??!??!" Think it wouldn't happen? First home game interception, you really think it wouldn't happen?

Yep, that billboard was put up by a business. Not the one soliciting donations to do so. That was fans. There were two instances, and only one of them went up.

I think they were Bronco ticket holders. But if you think they wouldn't holler for Tebow -- even with Manning under center if he struggles -- you're delusional.

I saw fans chanting for Tebow in the Raiders game last year after Eddie Royal dropped a pass that hit him directly in the hands. WR drops ball. Chant for QB. Got it.

I like Tim the person. I loved the run last year. The playoff win was a friggin' blast. But the Cult of Tebow is unreasonable.
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