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Originally Posted by eff1ngham View Post
David Wright is probably my favorite non-Rocky, so I may be a little bias. But I think it would do him a world of good to get out of NY. I don't think he's on the decline, but the lineup around him has drastically changed. When he was tearing it up he had Reyes, Beltran and Delgado hitting around him. In his down years Reyes was hurt, and he didn't have protection behind him so he got less pitches to hit (as a result he lit more line drives and singles as opposed to homers). I think he's still in the same boat now, hence the higher average and doubles and less homers. I he went somewhere with a good leadoff man and a power cleanup or #5 hitter I think he could get back to at least his 2010 numbers, with possibly a higher average
2008, he posted a .302 average, played 160 games, 115 runs, 33 homeruns, 124 RBI's, .390 OBP, .534 slug%, OPS .924

2009, he played in 144 games, 88 runs, 10 homeruns, 72 RBI's, .307 avg, .390 OBP, .447 slug%, OPS .837

2010, played in 157 games, 87 runs, 29 homeruns, 103 RBI's, .283 avg, .354 OBP, .503 slug%, .856 OPS

2011, played in 102 games, 60 runs, 14 homeruns, 61 RBI's, .254 avg, .345 OBP, .427 SLUG%, .771 OPS

My saying on someone overpaying is someone will give him a $20 mil per year contract, and he will completely fail on that contract.
He's a solid player, IF healthy, but too many questions and inconsistencies to give a phat contract to.
Now, say $12 mil a year, and he produces numbers somewhere between 2009/2010 years, then maybe.
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