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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by SoCalBronco View Post
I'd tread carefully on this if I were the Broncos. PFT had a post about Clady today and his decline statistically, it wasn't pretty. I think he needs to really prove himself this year before he gets seriously paid. He isn't the same and needs to get alot better.
It is not like we are going to be able to do better over the next couple of years if Manning is healthy.

Just look at duh bears woes on the OL and though they really seem to go out of their way NOT to find guys that can play at Clady's level they do not have anyone on their OL who is as good or better than him.

We should be talking about what a great draft pick Clady was because he came in and started at an elite level as a rookie and played well until his injury.

I think he gets it back on track with Manning and will excel having Manning as a leader. I think there will be less confusion in the huddle and everyone will be on the same page.

I say lock him up. It is hard to find talent like Ryan's.
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