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Originally Posted by eff1ngham View Post
For as much respect as I had for him for what he did earlier, I think it's time for him to go. Dead last in ERA, only 15 quality starts, most ER, worst average against, most wild pitches, etc. Granted our staff as a whole sucks, but even the promising guys like Brothers, Pomeranz, etc have struggled lately. I just don't think he's getting the job done. And I don't trust that our pitching coaches in general can help develop guys like Metzak, Chatwood, White, Friedrich into legit starters.

Another big problem IMO is that Cuddyer, Scutero and Hernandez have been lackluster so far. I'm glad Hernandez is here to help Rosario, but those three were not only brought in to help on offense (and our offense is pretty decent so far in counting stats) but to provide a veteran presence. I don't have the stats, but it seems like our batting average with runners in scoring position is terrible, and we are near the bottom in terms of getting runners in scoring position. Yeah we're not striking out, but I don't see that many "professional" at bats where we're moving runners, not getting empty at bats, etc.

It's been a disappointing year for the Rockies, can't wait for football to get here so I have something to look forward to....
While Cuddyer probably was paid a little too much, I do like the signing of him and think he is a solid addition to the lineup.
Hernandez was an option until Rosario was ready to take over. Scutaro is just depth really who happens to be starting now.
The team is just so weird offensively. They produce decent outings, but have bouts of barely scoring, and then score 13 in a game to make the overall stats look good.

What this team needs is a good leadoff man who gets on base, and can steal bases. I thought Fowler would be that guy, but he is horrible at it.
The pitching is just dreadful, but spending money on a pitcher is a tough call for the Rockies to be honest. Don't waste the money on heavy offspeed pitchers or guys who have trouble with control.
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