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Originally Posted by Shananahan View Post
Just to be clear, houghtam, your opinion is that Denver is a worse team right now than they were last year, yes?
I can't say that, which is why I'm giving them this year to show what they can do. What I can say, as I and many others on this board have, is that I don't agree that we were a QB away from a SB, and that the money spent on Manning would have been better spent somewhere else. I also am not of the opinion that a QB like Tebow or an offensive scheme like we ran last year can't be successful in the NFL if surrounded by the right talent.

Why not give them a few years to get the system in place, you ask? Because I've done that. I did with Griese. I did with Plummer. I did with Cutler. I did with Orton. I was going to with Tebow.

Not anymore.
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