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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post

That puts you in with the other 75% of people who think advertising doesn't affect them. Yet those marketing budgets keep getting higher and higher. That other 25% must do a lot of spending.
Look. It's a chicken or the egg argument. There's no doubt people do a lot of spending on those items. They're popular. Why? Is it because they advertise during the nfl? Or is it because they advertise during everything? Or is it because they buy up prime real estate in the stores that carry them? Or is it because they circulate coupons? Is it because people's parents bought them growing up, so it's all they know?

There's no way to prove that if a company spends xx dollars on ads during the NFL, they will get xx dollars back in revenue.

For me, it comes down to this: if Bud Light DIDN'T spend the usual $50 mil or whatever it is they spend on each SB, their revenue wouldn't go down by a penny IMO.
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