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Matt Prater

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Then you are underestimating the affect commercials have on you. If you didn't spend money because of advertising that you see, there would be no reason to advertise during Broncos games, or anywhere else for that matter.

Unless, let me guess, you're one of those people that "commercials don't affect me?"
They don't. I don't watch the games live for the most part. I record and tivo through the commercials. But let's pretend I don't. The goal of their commercials is to get you to buy their products. To do that, they must be memorable.

Of those that I've actually watched, the only sponsors I can even remember are:

beer companies like Bud light, miller lite, coors light and dos equis. I don't buy any of these beers, with the exception of dos equis for my annual cinco de mayo party. NFL has zero role in this purchase.

Car companies. Same here. My current cars have never been advertised during an NFL game.

Coke, pepsi and specific snacks like doritos, fritos and chips? I honestly don't buy these items at all, and I'm the primary grocery shopper in my house.

I could go on.

[Edit: I just checked a few websites for "top nfl sponsors" and the following, in addition to what I mentioned above, seem to round out the top __ lists:

Hotel (Marriott) - never stayed in one that I know of
Wireless service provider (Verizon) - never had them. I've had AT&T pre-merger and now Virgin Mobile
Credit card (Visa) - I actually dumped my "official Broncos Visa" last year
Pizza (Papa John's) - don't have one anywhere near me
Shipping services (FedEx) - our firm requires this when overnight shipping is required, not because of nfl sponsorship
Automotive (General Motors) - never owned one
Sports/energy drink (Gatorade) - don't drink this...burns a hole in my stomach

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