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Originally Posted by eff1ngham View Post

Again, the question here I'd have is at RB. Willis and Hillman seem the most likely to split time, but will Knowshon play at all? I believe McGahee has only had one season where he ever caught more than 30 passes. Addai, Rhodes and Brown were all fairly competent receivers (well, Brown is supposed to be, guess he's never shown it). Hillman is supposed to have good hands, and Knowshon has shown a few flashes out of the backfield. I just wonder if they'd go to those two more often since they're better pass catchers, and use Willis more early in games, or late when we're protecting leads.

I'm definitely pumped to see our offense in action though!
RB's role in the receiving game isn't about their ability to catch the ball or what they do with it afterwards; it's all about their ability to pass-block. If you can't block, you won't see the field.

AFAIK, Moreno is a decent blocker. We don't know about Hillman, but rookie RB's are rarely counted on to block. I don't know how I'd feel about putting the health of Peyton Manning in the hands of a 5'9", 200 lb rookie.

IMO Moreno and McGahee are the alternating backs, splitting series. Moreno gets more looks in passing - series (i.e. behind in 2nd half), and McGahee gets more looks in running series (i.e. ahead in 2nd half). Hillman comes in on odd occasions to get some experience, but won't necesarily play a big role.
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