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Imagine you buy a cellphone from a certain company. This company is well-known for having good cell phones, maybe not the greatest, but it's won its fair share of awards. Let's say after being a loyal customer for years, they install a new operating system, find out it sucks, but stick with it a really long time. They finally replace it for one that doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but does what you need it to do. Meanwhile, the case falls apart, the screen cracks, but it never drops calls and does what it needs to. What does the cellphone company do? They replace the OS. Well the new OS isn't compatible with a lot of stuff on the market and has a lot of bugs, a lot of which the tekkies think can be improved. But instead, a new CEO comes in and gets rid of that OS. The new one is just awful, but there's another one waiting in the wings that, although it's rough around the edges, still manages to get the job done. New CEO comes in, meanwhile, the case is still falling apart, the screen still cracks, and the phone is just a total POS. What does the new CEO do? Scrap the OS again and add a different OS that some consider the best of all time. Phone still sucks, but man it looks cool.

How long would you stick with that company? I'm a consumer of the Denver Broncos. I'm a fan, but I'm also a consumer. If I don't agree with the way a company is being run, I have every right to spend my money elsewhere, or not at all.

You also have every right to criticize me, but it won't change anything, and only makes you look like someone trying to be a superfan.
That's such an exaggeration and horrible comparison. There's turnover everywhere in life guy. The Colts just dumped the GOAT for a bells and whistles type fresh model. Guess who happens to be the beneficiary? The Denver Broncos! You need to look at it like they just got an older muscle car, with a brand new engine. If your not a Tebow fan, you should be ecstatic Denver has Peyton. The SBs are coming!
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