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Originally Posted by spdirty View Post
I don't know what Tracy is expected to do when his pitchers regularly can't even get into the 6th inning. The offense is fine, the pitching is as bad, if not worse, than what it was before the humidor.

If that bull**** team had owners that care O'Dowd and Apodaca would've been gone a long time ago and Tracy wouldve been put on notice.

Since 2000 they've had total misses on 70% of their first round picks, including the awful pick in 2006 where had the 2nd overall pick and they passed on Kershaw, Lincecum, and Longoria for Greg Reynolds. But it is what it is. Ownership refuses to hold management accountable and the best years of Cargo and Tulo are getting wasted.

Rockies aren't even worth getting pissed off about. I just wish they couldve held my interest until training camp started.
I think there is promise with some of the young pitching, but...yeah, its awful.
I like Nicasio, Chacin and Pomeranz going forward, that is if they get their control under, well, control. Friedrich was looking pretty studly to start out too.
The Rockies have seemed to always be terrible drafting. Not sure if its poor scouting, or poor "raising" the talent.
I mean, they have really BOMBED the draft. Its horrible.
Keep on taking pitchers, and keep on missing on those picks.
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