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Originally Posted by eff1ngham View Post
I just read that same article this morning ( and it got me thinking about this thread. (I've been lurking here for a little over a year, figured I may as well actually create an account and start posting ). There were two points I wasn't sure on that I was talking about over the weekend with a few friends:
Thanks for posting...most exciting Broncos offseason EVER.

Originally Posted by eff1ngham View Post
The only reason I can see us using Caldwell or another WR playing a lot more is that in the 2006 season Harrison and Wayne were both veterans by that point. And in 2009 Wayne was basically one of the top WRs in the game (though Collie was a rookie and Garcon essentially was as well). This will be the first year Thomas should start the year healthy and as a starter, and Decker only started last year. Not that Caldwell is a true vet or anything, but I could see him getting more playing time if Thomas or Decker struggle at all. Or the same could be said for one of the new guys/rookies.
We are about to find out how good DT is at running routes. You are right though, Caldwell will probably be the 1st guy off the bench in the event that DT or Decker are not able to consistently beat their man. The Colts left their best and most versatile players on the field at all times. I expect the Broncos to do the same.

Originally Posted by eff1ngham View Post
Again, the question here I'd have is at RB. Willis and Hillman seem the most likely to split time, but will Knowshon play at all? I believe McGahee has only had one season where he ever caught more than 30 passes. Addai, Rhodes and Brown were all fairly competent receivers (well, Brown is supposed to be, guess he's never shown it). Hillman is supposed to have good hands, and Knowshon has shown a few flashes out of the backfield. I just wonder if they'd go to those two more often since they're better pass catchers, and use Willis more early in games, or late when we're protecting leads.

I'm definitely pumped to see our offense in action though!
McGahee had 43 receptions in his 1st year in Baltimore (the only year he started). He can easily do it again with Manning. I don't think Moreno has the speed or elusive ability to consistently gain rushing yardage in a single-back set.
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