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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Same scheme? Yes
4 new Starters? Yes
Major upgrades? No (with the possible exception of Wolfe at UT)

Almost ALL the improvements will be predicated on Manning's success in moving the football.
Del Rio is running a similar scheme as Benedict Allen, doesn't mean its the same. Del Rio's track record is a whole lot stronger and more consistent than Allen, who was very hit and miss last year.

He's as big an addition as you could ask for on defense.

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
There's not a single move that this team has made, outside of Manning, where you can say "this guy is a major upgrade from what we had before."

To me that won't translate to much.
I'd argue that Adams could be a significant addition. Dawkins was a great in the box weapon but he wasn't consistently healthy and was a liability in coverage. Carter was solid all around but obviously felt more comfortable playing the SS role instead of the FS role. When Dawkins was out we relied on Rahim Moore, David Bruton, and worse to fill in.

Adams now lets Carter lock into SS where he's most comfortable. Carter isn't the play maker of Dawkins but he's more capable in coverage and is a solid run defender in his own right.

Adams is a better FS than we had on the entire team last year. Moore might have the light come on and take the job, but if does it's because he took a huge step up.

So we've effectively improve both safety spots over the course of 16 games by signing one guy.

We've also made a noteworthy improvement at #2, #3, and #4 CB. All of which are valuable contributor roles. Florence is better than Goodman. Porter is better than Goodman. Harris is still here and can provide depth across the secondary. Some nice pick ups to shore up the DBs.

At LB we're going to see what Nate Irving has. If the FO was right to draft him in the 3rd and everything comes together for him this year we might be talking about a long term starter upgrade at MLB pulled from effectively out of nowhere.
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