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Here is a great piece, by Chris Brown, on the Colt's No-Huddle with Manning. A simple Offense, that depended on EXECUTION. Brown also focused on the 2006 season, like I did. I hope Manning has his way, and runs HIS Offense...not McCoy's.

To me, this is the most interesting story, going forward.

Who's Offense are the Broncos going to run?

Check out the "Levels" and "Fin (Inverted Levels)" plays. Manning's favorite plays, out of the no-huddle. VERY EXCITING.

The Colts running game was a "Pin-and-Pull Outside ZBS" ...also used by the Colorado Buffaloes in the early 1990's. Single back, 2 TE set.

As you can see, the passing and running game were perfect complements to each other, and perfect in the no-huddle. Same formation...infinite possibilities.


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