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Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Miller is nothing but a hand in the dirt rushing LB or DE..

As far as his pass coverage ahahahahahahahaha.. Doom is a pass rushing DE and not good enough to play OLB as proved several years ago..

Plus for the most part you need MASSIVE NT that hold his ground and requires at least a double team..
Disagree on the evaluation of both Miller and Doom. Miller is more of a liability in coverage than Harrison or Woodley? Than Suggs or Jarret Johnson? 3-4 OLBs if they drop, are typically responsible for the flats and zone/man against a TE or RB. If your gonna Blitz Miller as u say he's a pass rusher only, then Denver is still committing 5 to Blitz. I just don't see how it's any different, at least in the 3-4 we utilize what Doom and Millers strengths are in the base scheme. Miller currently as the Sam in a 4-3 should have more coverage responsibilities than the 3-4.

I have said Denver would need a 3-4 NT, but they need a real 4-3 NT now anyway. Mays is best suited as a run defender in a 3-4 with Irving or Franklin with him inside. Trevathan and Woodyard could be in sub packages. I think the options are there. But I know they aren't going to do it but let's not act like they couldn't.

Bottom line is they aren't switching to a 3-4, they are staying 4-3, but I think they will throw some odd man 3-4 looks from time to time not just the 5 man front of the 4-3 Over/Under. I like the 4-3 but I would like the idea of being deceiving and throwing exotic looks. The 4-3 works for me, but the 3-4 could work.
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