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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
The linebacking would stink.

dj-not good enough at shedding blocks or playing in traffic to play inside. Miller stinks at pass coverage. Doom stinks at coverage. Mays same as DJ, just not that physical or big. Inside backers in a 3-4 often take on guards. at DJ taking on guards. He can barely make it at weakside in a 4-3. The DE would work and that is about it. Horrible idea. Switching back to 4-3 the best move they could have made.
The LB would not stink as bad as you make it sound. Miller is best suit for 3-4 OLB either side. He's more than competent enough to keep playing strong side and work on his coverage. Doom coming off the edge in the weak side. Thats a strength! Mays is better suited for 3-4 ILB and Irving will finally be on the field.
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